Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequenlty asked questions. If you have other, more specific questions about the Interdisciplinary Humanities program at Wake Forest University, please contact the program director, José Luis Venegas (

  • What are the humanities?

    The humanities are those disciplines that study human lives and human issues using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, interpretive, imaginative, and speculative, that is, disciplines that seek to understand the world using philosophy, history, religion, literature, language, and art.

  • What do Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities have to offer me?

    Interdisciplinary courses in the program allow for the examination of the human condition and of the challenges currently facing us through a variety of lenses. Investigations of issues related to cultural identity, the environment, social change and human rights span disciplines from history, philosophy, and studies in religion to media and communication, law, and physical, biological, and natural sciences.

    “Why We Need the Humanities“-Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

  • What do these courses have to do with ‘Global Citizenship’?

    Courses in the program encourage a critical look at the world through a cross-cultural study that enhances and develops our collective capacity for engagement with one another. Looking at the experiences of other cultures and societies in the past and in the present, we are better able to address personal, political, and spiritual questions that confront us daily.

  • How would these courses help me in my career?

    In a world in which career paths are constantly evolving, skills of critical analysis, writing, and interpretation across disciplinary and cultural boundaries enhance your ability to see and make connections and to continue your personal and professional development long after graduation. Humanities courses acknowledge ambiguity and paradox, allowing for differing interpretations and the possibility for new solutions.

    Business: “Logitech CEO ‘I love hiring English majors‘” – Business Insider

    All Disciplines: “The humanities are becoming more important. Here’s why.” –World Economic Forum

  • What is the program in Interdisciplinary Humanities at WFU?

    Since the 1970′s, the Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities at Wake Forest has offered undergraduate students courses that do not typically fall in the jurisdiction of a single department. The Program is ideal for those whose intellectual interests attract them to the Interdisciplinary Major (see: Interdisciplinary Major), but whose course schedule and trajectory do not allow time for that major.